Launched by Nabla Wind Power and eTa Blades, WindGainHub is a collaborative platform aiming at developing and promoting Life-Extension and Performance Improvement best practices and end-to-end solutions, supplied to WindFarmers by a network of Independent Technology and Service Providers.

New Concept in the Market

WindGainHub is a pioneering platform of companies supplying Life-Extension and Performance Improvement solutions to WindFarmers.

Leveraging upon identified and proven Solutions, WindGainHub enables Windfarmers to improve the Technical Control of their Assets and to unlock their Potential, thus maximizing IRRs (“Gain”).

The challenge is to serve Clients providing the same level of Security and Comfort as with OEMs – also from the certification / insurance / financial stand points – however “Technology Independent” and custom-based.

WindGainHub is a Platform for Collaboration (“Hub”) of Independent technology providers aimed at resolving two main issues:

Where the Value is

WindGainHub maximises WindFarmers’ IRRs through the combination of:

WindGainHub tailors approaches and solutions according to Site Specific Conditions (Wind, Operations, Turbine, Legislation, Permitting, etc.) on each Wind Farm

WindGainHub leverages upon proprietary technologies / methodologies, including:

Value Proposition

Objective of WindGainHub is to configure first class OEM-Independent strategies to:

Strategies will be based upon the optimal Balance between the factors that affect IRR – Internal Rate of Return:

Example of Revenues Model