Site Policy

1 General

We will process your personal data (e.g. title, name, address, e-mail address, phone number...) solely in compliance with the terms of the Spanish data protection and privacy act. The provisions below will inform you about the manner, extent and purpose concerning the recording, processing and use of your personal data. This privacy policy applies only to our web pages. If you are redirected to other web pages through links on our pages, please read up on the handling of your data on these pages there.

2 Automated Data Acquisition

For technical reasons, the following data which your Internet browser transmits to us will be recorded:

These anonymous data will be stored separately from any of your personal data, thus preventing any inference to a particular person. They will be analyzed for statistical purposes so as to optimize our Internet presence and our services. These data will be deleted after the analysis.

3 Inventory Data

(1) Your personal data, to the extent they are required for the establishment, content structuring or amendment of the contractual relationship (inventory data), will be used solely for the processing of the contract. Thus, for example, your name and your address must be passed on to the supplier of goods in order to deliver your goods. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties who are not involved in the processing of the contract without your explicit consent or should there be no legal basis.

(2) By order of the appropriate bodies, we are permitted to furnish details of usage data in a given case, to the extent that this is necessary for criminal prosecution, for public safety and security operations by the Spanish police authorities, for compliance with the legal requirements of the various Spanish intelligence service agencies or for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

4 Information about Cookies

(1) Cookies will be used to recognize the repeated use of any page by the same user. Cookies are small text files which your Internet browser files and stores on your computer. When you invoke our web page again, these cookies provide the information needed to recognize you automatically. This recognition is based on your IP address stored in the cookies. The purpose of such information is to optimize our offers and make it easier for you to access our web site.

(2) You can choose not to store cookies on your hard disk by selecting "do not accept cookies" in your browser setup. However, this can restrict the use of certain features on our web site.

5 Information

You may request information on your personal data which have been stored by using the following e-mail address: