Mr Ruben Ruiz de Gordejuela, CTO at Nabla Wind Power:

"Last recent years the extremely changing Energy Market has shown the strong need of achieving most competitive standards for wind energy in order to survive and to be the sustainable and green power source we have always wanted to be. The dramatic case of Spanish Wind sector, once leader, has proven that a drastic COE (Cost of Energy) and IRR (Internal Rate of Return) protection and upgrade, when wind sector is pushed to pool, is not something necessary only for new wind turbine designs.

All huge investments in large fleets of wind farms already installed worldwide need to be protected and upgraded in order to reach the competitiveness standards, COE and IRR of the other Energy Sources (e.g. fossil, hydro, nuclear).

Our bet in Nabla Wind Power is to achieve this using the Life Extension and Long Term Operation protocols which these sectors are using for their plants and which make them so competitive, but implemented in a completely non-stationary environment such as wind. The rules are absolutely different.

The Key at this point is to make a very sensible Long Term Life Management Plan, where first step is to turn the nature of a non-stationary sector into a benefit for us. This way our first step for achieving a selective, effective and efficient Life Extension of wind turbines consist of evaluating how the wind site specific conditions do really affect machines structures and how must we operate the asset in order to maximize the benefits, managing remnant Life.

We do not do it alone: we work shoulder to shoulder with our Clients and their stakeholders, summing our competences to theirs. That's why our technical excellence in our cores is our best added value, as a high technology company."

Ruben Ruiz de Gordejuela is Master Degree in Pure Mathematics by UPV, University of Basque Country, including several Prizes and Honor Distinctions. Experienced in Aeroelasticity, Wind Turbines Design and Projects Management.

For last 15 years he has leaded technical teams and design projects in several Wind Industry OEM companies, as well as trained engineering students as Invited Professor in the University.